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Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art

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Beach Museum of Art
Kansas State University
14th St & Anderson Ave
Manhattan, KS 66506



Future Exhibitions

Jason Scuilla: Porta Magica, 2017 Friends of the Beach
Museum of Art Gift Print Artist

March 14-July 1, 2017

Jason Scuilla is the 2017 Friends of the Beach Museum of Art Gift Print Artist. Each year museum supporters commission a printmaker or photographer to produce a limited edition print for sale to the public. The program, which began in 1934, recognizes outstanding contemporary artists associated with Kansas. 

Scuilla lives in Manhattan, Kansas, where he serves as associate professor and head of the printmaking department at Kansas State University. An American artist of Italian descent, he has been drawn to his ancestors' country and traveled there frequently to study and create prints. Monumental fragments of Italian sculpture inspire his recent work in this medium. Dramatic compositions rendered with a pictorial economy and a deadpan sense of humor raise questions about humankind's relationship with mortality and the ancient past.

Youth Builds a Better World

June 6-August 5, 2017

“With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.” - Dalai Lama

We often refer to our children as our future, and youth as a time of discovery and development.  Drawn from the Beach Museum of Art’s permanent collection, this exhibition investigates how educational experiences allow young people to explore their options and develop their talents for building a better world.   Developed in conjunction with the Manhattan Public Library’s summer reading theme “Building a Better World.”

This exhibition is organized to complement the Manhattan Public Library's summer 2017 programs.

Ubiquitous: Enrico Isamu Oyama

August 15 – December 2, 2017