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Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art

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Beach Museum of Art
Kansas State University
14th St & Anderson Ave
Manhattan, KS 66506


Pictorial Maps

Some maps include pictures or symbols which indicate the location of buildings and other landmarks. Common uses are city or neighborhood maps, maps of historic sites or parks, and on other types of thematic maps. Some use very simple symbols, identified by a key. Other pictorial maps are works of art.

The Library of Congress has a good website on pictorial maps at: Library of Congress: Pictorial Maps

Create a Neighborhood Map

In the space below, create a pictorial map of the area where you live. Include your street, house, any outbuildings; your neighbors’ houses and buildings; and any other physical landmarks like ponds, woods and creeks. For this map, don’t worry about scale.

Maps have keys for some common symbols – what symbols would you include for the following items?

  • Trees
  • Railroad tracks
  • Pond or lake
  • Bridge
  • Building

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