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Beach Museum of Art
Kansas State University
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Manhattan, KS 66506
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Pictorial Maps

Purposes/Types of Maps

Physical map – shows land and water features shaped by nature
Pictorial map – uses drawings to indicate features on the map, such as buildings, forests, and landmarks.
Political map – shows countries, states, capitals, etc.
Relief map – shows three-dimensional aspects of the planetSatellite map – map of earth taken from space
Thematic map – map that tells about a special topic such as rainfall, population density, etc.
Topographical map – shows the elevations, related to a relief map
Compass Rose

The compass rose has appeared on nautical charts and maps since the 1300’s. Originally it was used to indicate the directions of the winds for sailors. Today it is used to indicate north, south, east and west and the points in-between. Roses can be simple or very ornate. Create your own compass rose in the space provided.


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