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Beach Museum of Art
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First Person: National Geographic Society Photographs

September 12, 2008 – December 6, 2008

Donna Lindsay Vanier Gallery

“First Person: National Geographic Society Photographs” will display 20 photographs hand selected by a committee from the Beach Museum of Art and McCain Auditorium. The exhibition is a collaboration between the Beach Museum and McCain and is the first of its kind. Marketing Director of McCain, Thom Jackson said, “the Beach Museum and McCain are rare to work together. So many places aren’t able to do this.”

The National Geographic Society Image Collection featured at the Beach Museum are from around the world. There are photographs of a fishing boat in Chile, the pyramids of Giza, an Inuit in Canada, and a waterfall in the United States. “The exhibition has wonderfully diverse subject matter that will appeal to everyone,” Museum Director Lorne Render said. “We are looking forward to bringing images from around the world as captured by well known photographers.”

McCain will present First Person: Stories from the Edge of the World, a collaboration between National Geographic Society, Neal Conan (host of National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation), and Celtic/Early Music group Ensemble Galilei. The show is not just biographies of explorers, but parts of actual journal entries. “It shows what explorers went through so we don’t have to go to Antarctica to see a polar bear,” Jackson said.

Another part of the collaboration is that members of the Friends of the Beach Museum of Art and the Friends of McCain Auditorium will participate in a joint reception. Prior to the performance, a reception will be held at the museum to view the stunning photos an celebrate the McCain 2008-09 performance series.

The show at McCain is September 12 at 7:30 pm. The exhibition will be on display beginning that night through December 7 during regular museum hours.