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Earth Works: Selections from the Permanent Collection

June 4, 2013 - August 4, 2013

The exhibition features the beauty of the earth itself as seen by historic and contemporary artists. Selections range from the flowing lines of an aerial photograph by Terry Evans to the fine details of limestone by printmaker Dan Kirchhefer to the vibrant color in the painting Red Canyon by Roy Langford.

Another group of artists record the gifts of the earth, including food and fuel production, homes like soddies and pueblos, and even the earth as a source of art supplies. Regiones Botanicas de Tierra: Antilles No. 2 by Susan Davidoff actually has earth applied to the mixed media work.

Also included are works that reflect the mystery of the earth. Labyrinth by Eleanor Erskine is matched with prints by Chris Ritter to relate the myth of Crete’s Minotaur. Mummy II, Sudan by Frank Sampson and Orval Hempler’s Fossils represent the sciences of archaeology and paleontology. And Alan Shield’s Martian Worm Village gives a whimsical nod to creatures that live under the earth.

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Summer Kick-Off Open House

June 8, 2013 10:00 a.m. - Noon

Join us for a Garden Party celebrating summer programming and The Meadow, the new native plant garden located behind the Beach Museum. View displays and demonstrations related to native plants, decorate a personal flower pot for planting native seeds and participate in a gallery search through "Earth Works" with prizes.


Photo Credit: Alan Shields, Martian Worm Village, 1996 (detail).