Since fall 2020, the museum has turned itself INSIDE OUT, showcasing window installations of art from the permanent collection. Curious visitors are invited to walk around the building’s exterior to view the displays, colorfully lit to make twilight or evening visits extra special. INSIDE OUT represents a new type of exhibition — the artwork is still inside the museum, but it functions like public art in that viewers can enjoy it outdoors. Though INSIDE OUT was born of the pandemic and its restrictions, the idea has resonated and may become a regular practice!

Exhibition designer Lindsay Smith curated INSIDE OUT, installed the displays, and designed the lighting. With help from Registrars Sarah Price and Theresa Ketterer, Curators Aileen June Wang and Liz Seaton, developed virtual labels for each object, and Exhibition Designer and Museum Technology Lead Luke Dempsey created special “yard” signage. The signs provide links to label texts and other resources in Smartify, the free phone app available on the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

If you snap a photo of INSIDE OUT, please post it on social media and tag the museum!

Watch a video on INSIDE OUT