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Beach Museum of Art
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Library of Wonder Digital Resources

The Museum of Wonder and the Library of Wonder invite you to examine, investigate, question, and discover your place in the world. The links below are provided to assist you in that exploration and will be updated during the exhibition.


Organization highlighting contemporary arts and artists through its PBS series Art in the Twenty-First Century and via online platforms.

Butch Anthony's Museum of Wonder

Folk art and oddities take center stage at this Alabama museum.

Good Table Manners

A bad-mannered teenage boy encounters his adult self who instructs him in proper table etiquette. Margaret M. Justin, Ph.D., Dean, School of Home Economics at Kansas State College is credited as "Educational Collaborator."

Margaret Wertheim: The beautiful math of coral

In this TED talk, Margaret Wertheim, co-founder of the Institute for Figuring, recounts leading the Crochet Coral Reef project. Using a method of crocheting created by mathematicians to model hyperbolic geometry, art and science intersect to replicate the fascinating creatures that inhabit coral reefs and bring attention to their beauty, fragility, and necessity.

K-State's College of Human Ecology

An overview of some of the researchers in the College of Human Ecology and the far-reaching impact of their work.

Cabinet of Curiosities

A museum and art-centered blog.

Mutter Museum

Philadelphia, PA-based museum displaying "anatomical specimens, models, and medical instruments in a 19th century 'cabinet museum' setting."

Mutter Museum YouTube Channel

Mutter Museum staff introduce viewers to their eclectic collection.

The Museum of Jurassic Technology

Los Angeles, CA “educational institution dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and the public appreciation of the Lower Jurassic.”

James G. Mundie's Cabinet of Curiosities

Drawings, woodcuts, photographs and etchings depicting objects held by various medical museums.

Getty Museum Augsburg Display Cabinet

Interactive, 3-D rendering of a cabinet of wonders from 1630’s Augsburg, Germany.

Hiroshi Sugimoto: Cabinet of Curiosities

Artist Hiroshi Sugimoto talks about his personal cabinet of curiosities.


User-generated and edited online encyclopedia.

Google Art Project

Google Art Project allows you to view artworks from museum collections around the world. 

Google Art Project YouTube Channel

A deeper exploration of some of the artworks featured on Google Art Project.

K-State 150

Overview of K-State's 150th Anniversary celebration.

Researchers Develop Gluten-Free Food Using Kansas Grain

K-State researchers have developed several new gluten-free products using the grain sorghum. Video features Fadi Aramouni, professor of food science, along with his graduate students Ashley Pruett and Kathryn Deschenes.

K-State Libraries

A library for the 21st Century encompassing six different branches: Hale Library, Fiedler Engineering Library, Math/Physics Library, K-State Salina Library, Veterinary Medical Library, and Paul Weigel Library of Architecture, Planning and Design.

This is K-State: Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art

A brief overview of the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art.

Perspectives Webzine

Online version of K-State magazine.

Sorenson: Get Excited About Physics

Chris Sorensen, University Distinguished Professor of Physics, discusses motivating students.

The Fight Against Wheat Blast

K-State researcher Barbara Valent is leading the charge to protect Kansas and U.S. wheat fields against the deadly disease known as wheat blast.

K-State Receives Unique Gift From Alumni

After seeing the original Saint John's Bible in Minnesota, K-State alums Warren and Mary Lynn Staley donated a reproduction to the university.

Library Murals Restoration Project

Located on the third floor of Hale Library, the Great Room features four large murals. Each mural depicts a major academic element of the K-State; the arts, industry and science, home and agriculture. David Hicks Overmyer of Topeka, KS painted the murals as part of the Works Progress Administration in 1934.

Share what you've learned! Send any links you find related to the Museum of Wonder exhibition to beachart@k-state.edu and we'll add them to the website.