Two by Two: Animal Pairs

Virtual exhibition launch: March 30, 2021
Gallery exhibition: June 15 – December 18, 2021

Click here to view the virtual exhibition.

The American Library Association Summer Reading theme for 2021 is “Tales and Tails,” with a focus on animal stories. This exhibition will offer the viewer some surprising pairings of artworks by regional and international artists.

Animals have long been the subject of myths, legends and histories. Noah loads his ark with creatures, “two by two,” before the great Biblical flood. Aurochs and Wooly Mammoths in the caves of Lascaux hint at the beliefs of early peoples. Animalistic deities populate an ancient world from the Egyptian god Horus with the head of a falcon to the Greek god Zeus who visits earth as a swan. In Native American legends animals personify spirits such as the turtle who represents mother earth. Artworks in the exhibition picture such storied animals as well as farm animals, pets and circus performers. All of the works
provide a chance to learn more about world cultures, literature, and science.

Two by Two: Animal Pairs is the inspiration for summer ARTSmart classes and spring and fall 2021 school programming. Click here to view the Two by Two Educational Units.

Gold Sponsors: Dan and Beth Bird

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